Still in Portland (Part 2)

Initially, I said I’d be in Portland for 2 weeks.  That was 4 weeks ago.

Portland is amazing, and I’d stay here for a long time if there weren’t more places that I wanted to see while I’m still young.  I’ll admit that I’ve enjoyed my stay here in Portland more than my stay in SF.  However, I’ve only been in Portland for the summer, and I’ve been told this is the best time to visit Portland.

I’ll be spending this weekend in Portland, but for sure leaving to go to Seattle in the first week of August.

One thing I noticed is that everyone in SF had nothing but great things to say about Seattle.  Here in Portland, I get a lot more mixed reviews about Seattle.  A little rivalry I detect?  We will see what people in Seattle say about Portland.


Still in Portland

Portland is awesome.  I could easily see myself living here if it weren’t for the bad weather 9 months out of the year.

I have had a great time so far.  Here are a few interesting points about my stay here in Portland:

  • I’ve been here for 12 days, and in that time, I haven’t seen a single person here that I have known prior to these 12 days.  I’ve constantly been hanging out with lots of people I just met.  It feels strange that I’ve only known my oldest friend in Portland for 12 days.
  • People are really friendly here.  It feels like a much more laid back atmosphere.
  • No sales tax in Oregon.  Its nice knowing exactly how much you will pay for things before you buy them.  Also, it dramatically cuts down on pocket change, since most prices are pretty even ($6.00 flat instead of $6.52)
  • No self-service gas stations here either!  I don’t feel comfortable letting someone else pump my gas.  Are you supposed to tip??
  • You can’t buy liquor in grocery stores.  I guess that is what liquor stores are for.
  • Most things are more affordable.  This includes groceries, gas, rent, real estate, etc.  I’ve met several young people (1-2 years out of college) that own their own house or condo here in Portland.
  • Drivers aren’t as crazy.  Although this may sound like a good thing, people constantly give up their right-of-way which can really slow traffic down.
  • Portland is strongly pro-bicycle.  There are lots of bike routes, however I see fewer cyclists than I would expect.  I ride my bike most places, and it works famously.
  • I went to a fashion show downtown.  A girl I met invited me along, and it was surprisingly a ton of fun!
  • I rode my bike to Vancouver.  Vancouver Washington, that is.  See the picture below.
  • The gym I have been going to is amazing.  It is 9 bucks a week, gigantic, with tons of brand new equipment, and hardly anyone there.  I go every day because showering at the gym is so much more convenient than showering in the Rialta.

Here are some random pictures:

View of Mt. Hood

Rode my bike down the bike path in the middle of the freeway all the way into Vancouver, Washington.

Some random waterfall/pool/park thing downtown.  Seemed like it was really dangerous.

I think I’ll hang around Portland for at least another week.  I really like the people I’ve been hanging out with, and it will be sad to leave them all behind!


Made it to Portland!

This is just another quick post to let everyone that I made it safely to Portland.  It took me 3 days to drive from Chico to Portland.  Google maps quoted 8.5 hours, but somehow I managed to spend ~60 hours meandering my way up to Portland.

As I was driving up from Chico (it was too hot to stay a whole week), I spotted a giant white mountain in front of me.  It was Mt Shasta as dad guessed by the picture in my specifically unspecific recent post.  I drove up as far as the road would take me, played in the snow all afternoon, and stayed there the night.

The next day, I finally crossed the Oregon border, but decided to stop and rest in Eugene for the evening.  I biked around the campus, and went to a few watering holes.  Wasn’t hugely impressed by Eugene.

Finally, I left Eugene and finished the last 100 miles or so of my trip up to Portland.  I’ve been in Portland for just over 24 hours, but have already done a ton, and really like this city.  The only problem is the weather; it is raining right now.  June July 1, and raining.  Nobody seems as surprised about it as me.