Home for the Holidays?

The weather continues to get less and less favorable as I stay here in Boston.  I suppose I could just travel south to keep warm, but there are a few things I want to do:

1.  I’m getting the itch to travel outside of the US

2.  I’d rather not store the RV somewhere that freezes.

3.  I’m getting homesick and would like to visit family/friends for the holidays.

4.  I need to get my taxes done, which is easiest to do if I am at home in CA (I do own a California S-Corporation).

All of these problems can be solved by driving back to CA for the holidays.  Right now I’d be looking to make the trek in mid December.  It shouldn’t be hard to find an outside storage spot for the RV that doesn’t freeze.

The only problem is navigating a route west-bound that will be least disrupted by the weather.


Working Out While on the Road

Going to the gym has become a mandatory activity for every day I live in an RV.  This is because it is oodles easier to shower at the the gym rather than shower in the RV.  My current gym is closed on Thanksgiving…  I don’t know what I’m going to do!

Why is showering in an RV so lame?

  1. I only have 26 gallons of fresh water.  I actually have a 16 gallon tank, and 2 5-gallon backup tanks in case I run out.  If I showered every single day in my rig, I’d need to refill water every 6 days or so.
  2. The water heater draws 1400 watts and needs to run for 10 minutes to have a warm shower.  This is a lot of electricity, especially when you have batteries and solar panels in Boston in November.  And forget taking a cold shower when it was 35 degrees out the night before.
  3. The shower is SMALL.  Need I say more?
  4. The shower curtain needs to dry or else it starts smelling like mold.

While it was initially awkward to shower at the gym, I have since became totally comfortable with it, having done it every day for the past 6 months.  I actually have had great conversations with other men in the showers.

Forcing myself to workout.

Since I plan on going to the gym every day to shower, I might as well work out while I’m there.  I feel weird going to the gym and not working out.  I feel weird not showering, so I go to the gym.

Finding gyms near me.

When I scope out my next target neighborhood, I always make sure there is a gym nearby.  Pretty much every single gym I’ve been to offers at least one week free to new members.  Sometimes this pass is good for more than 7 days as long as you don’t ask.  For example, my 7-day pass here at Bally Fitness actually lasted 10 days.  I just walk up, say I have a guest pass, and they say “Oh yea, I remember you.  C’mon in!”

When it comes time to sign up, just be straight up and tell them that you are leaving in a month.  Typically, the salesperson has much more flexibility then you’d think.


More on Boston, MA

Things have suddenly slowed down the last couple days.  I’ve finally gotten over my cold.  My sudden influx of work responsibilities has finally subsided.  The world series is over (woo Giants!).  I finally have time to post a much-needed update.

I’ve been in Boston since 10/12, so just over 3 weeks now.  So far I’ve found it to be a ton of fun.  People seem to be pretty outgoing and mostly educated.  Not as many people have Boston accents as I thought would.

The only problems I have are the crazy drivers and the cold.  I’m scared to death every time I have to drive or cross the street.  People drive like maniacs here.  I’m shocked I haven’t seen a traffic accident yet.  I’ve seen TONS of “close calls”.

The weather isn’t terrible since has been sunny most days, but it sure gets COLD.  I finally bought appropriate shoes after my toes freezing in flip-flops one too many times.  I typically wear a sweatshirt and a jacket out and still freeze my butt off.  My RV gets freezing at night, and my indoor temp gauge says the lowest it has been is 29 inside.  I sleep with 10 layers of clothes on so I don’t die in my sleep.  I’m going to invest in a nice camping bag once I find myself at an REI.

I am however, very excited about seeing snow.  I figure it won’t be as exciting after the initial snowfall, but I suppose can leave whenever I want.

As far as what I’m going to do next: I’m thinking international travel.  I’ve been to 5 different US cities so far, and what I’ve found is that they are all pretty much the same.  They all have McDonalds, Starbucks, english speakers, crime, good parts and bad parts, foreign and domestic cars, white people, smart people, fun people, stupid people, fat people, US television, US currency, a few local sports teams, colleges, suburbs, buses and trains, etc.  I’d like to mix it up and check out some places that are going to be considerably different than what I’m used to.

I plan on parking the RV for the winter months, and jetting around the world.  Right now, I’m thinking of doing a month+ in each of the following, in this order: Argentina (Buenos Aires), Australia, Thailand, ???, Europe, then back to the East Coast to pick up where I left off in the RV.

(I would post some pictures but for some reason my phone doesn’t want to connect to my computer anymore)