2011 In Review – Is the Adventure Over?

Sure as heck feels like it.  Right now, I’m in my 100-year-old house located in a questionable neighborhood here in Reno, NV.  It’s 11:28am, and I’ve only crossed off one item on my daily to-do list.  I’ve been sitting at my desk, staring at my computer screen, paralyzed from over-thinking my daunting list of to-do items that need to happen before my next adventure.

2011 started out insanely fun, spending time in San Francisco, then traveling the world.  I learned so much and met so many interesting people during my 5-month tour through 3 new continents.  Things slowed down in the summer when I returned to the US, moved my business from CA to NV, and decided to settle down in Portland for a bit.  While it was my decision to stay put for a while, I’ve had a tough time adjusting to the lack of adventure.

Some of the things I’ve done in 2011 include:

  • Going to Vegas for my first time (twice)
  • Going to the southern hemisphere for the first time
  • Traveling to 3 new continents (Australia, Asia and Europe)
  • Visiting new 16 countries: Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Czech, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Scotland
  • Flying and jumping out of a plane (not at the same time)
  • Buying my first house

This lack of adventure combined with the work of restructuring of my business has really taken a toll on my motivation.  Logic tells me to just start getting things done.  However, I still seem to be paralyzed in my state of overwhelm.

The things that I need to do include the following: (You should probably skip this part.  I just need to bitch about things for a minute.  Seriously, don’t read it.)

  • Get shoulder surgery to repair my torn labrum.  I haven’t been able to lift for all of 2011.  Recovery will include 2-6 weeks in a sling.  I’ll need to get a different car if I want to drive since my M5 is manual.
  • Finish taxes, both personal and business, and for both my CA and NV corporations.  This action involves doing bullshit paperwork, and then writing a check for hundreds to my CPA and a check for thousands to the IRS and CA FTB.
  • Finish selling all my websites except one.  This involves disclosing all I can about every website I own.  Also involves selling several websites for a loss.  So doing extra work to lose money.  Great.
  • Removing the notice of violation from my house in Reno so that I can rent it for much less than I would have if they didn’t make me convert it back to single family.  Dealing with the building department is like eating glass.
  • Move from my house in Reno into a unit in the apartment that I’m currently in contract with.  Just have to wait for the bank to approve the short sale, anytime between now and whenever they feel like it.
  • Fire the current contractor that is supposed to rebuild my main website.  They are already 5 months behind schedule and I’ve already paid them 60% of the contract value.  They have no idea what they are doing, and I’m going to be out thousands of cash, and 9 months of time.  Doing more work to lose even more money and time.
  • Find a new programmer that will be able to re-program my website correctly.  Figure out how to find a quality worker that knows what they are doing and won’t screw me over.
  • Manage my main site, which already feels like a full-time job.

After venting, I’m immediately starting to feel better.  I can already picture the end results if I tackle these problems correctly:

  • My shoulder feels great and I can start lifting again, not to mention do any other activity without any pain or worry.
  • Taxes are done, I’m completely removed from CA, and my accountant knows how to handle everything.  I have minimal interactions with my accountant, and don’t have to worry about any bullshit IRS crap.
  • All my websites are sold.  I just have one website to think about.
  • My house in Reno is fully repaired and in good standing with the city, rented out and managed by my property manager.  I’ve got all my stuff moved to the only one-bedroom unit in my new 8-plex.  The 8-plex is fully occupied, and I’ve got the property manager doing everything, automatically depositing the rents into a bank account, and the mortgage payments are being automatically deducted.  I sit back and enjoy the cash-flow and the essentially free unit.
  • I’ve found an amazing contractor who I can trust and will handle all the programming/design needs of my site.  I can just email him an idea for a new feature and he understands exactly what I want.  Users who find bugs simply submit a ticket with him and he fixes the bugs.  I don’t even have to know it happened.  He is in charge of making sure the site is live and properly functioning at all times.
  • The new version of my site makes managing everything ten times easier.  I’ve got my content manager more involved, and I don’t have to do any work, other than answer a few emails here and there.

Just writing this helps motivate me by painting a picture of the “promised land” in my mind.  I’ve still got an ocean ahead of me, but constantly visualizing and focusing on my goals will help give me reason to move forward.

Back to the visualization:  Boom.  I’ve just freed myself from all these nagging responsibilities.  I go out and buy the best travel gear (instead of using a free Bodybuilding.com gym bag).  I buy a one-way ticket to Vilnius, Lithuania.  Or Seoul, South Korea.  Or Rosario, Argentina.  Or buy a motorcycle and start riding south.  Or north.  I don’t even bring my laptop.  The adventure resumes.


7 Responses to “2011 In Review – Is the Adventure Over?”

  1. Therese says:

    You can leave your M5 with us while you recover from shoulder surgery!

  2. Tynan just had a great post on focusing on work. I’ve found myself getting overwhelmed, too.

    Any chance you could send that web contractor over my way? I’d love to talk with him about a few things.

  3. Markus says:

    Great to hear from you again…I am looking forward to your new adventures!

  4. Tommy says:


    Hahaha, I wish I already had found that contractor. The second list of bullet points from this post is me “visualizing” what the ideal solutions to all my problems are. When I find him, I might let you know, however I might not be willing to share! :p

  5. K-Ray says:

    If you need a lawyer for that contract BS you just let me know :)

  6. Tommy says:

    Well hello Ms. Raycroft. Do you also practice in India??

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