I just watched the movie “The Company Men”.  I immediately recognized the setting: amazing Autumn foliage.  Crisp, cold air.  Beautiful New England houses.  It took place in Boston, starting in the fall and ending in the winter.  As you may recall, I got to Boston in the fall and left in the winter while on my RV trip last year.

For the past year and a half, I have written down what I do every single day.  After the movie ended, I opened up my journal and  read through my entire 8 weeks in Boston.  I was able to relive the whole thing.  I could remember how I felt each day.  Little events which had been long forgotten came back to me, without being specifically written down.

I was able to feel the adventure again.  So much excitement everyday: meeting new people, exploring new places, and having new life experiences.  My whole mindset was completely different than what it has been the last few months.

I’m hoping to get another adventure in the works soon.  I really like the idea of learning Spanish, but practicing it is SO BORING!  I’m considering getting a one-way ticket + 3 month stay to some remote Spanish-speaking city.  Ideally, nobody will speak English, and I’ll be forced to learn.  Furthermore, if I buy the ticket 6 months in advance, I’ll have a heck of a lot more incentive to start studying before the trip!

Any recommendations on fun, remote, Spanish-only-speaking cities?  Central/South America or Spain will do.  I won’t consider any cities in the US like Salinas, East LA, Santa Ana, etc.


Officially a Nevadan

That was much easier than I thought.  Go down to the DMV, give them some paperwork, sit back and watch them punch keys on a computer.  Get a new picture taken and a new set of plates handed to you.  Out the door in less than an hour.

Now I’ll have to tackle the boring task of updating my address with any company that has my address.  That includes car insurance, medical insurance, credit cards, bank accounts, cell phone, payroll, etc.  It will be tedious, but eventually everything will be set up in Nevada.

The move is a little more rough than I had imagined.  There were some unexpected permitting issues regarding the house that I bought, so I’m currently working with the city of Reno to get everything cleared up.  Everything will be up to code in no time flat.

Its great knowing I have a permanent address.  A permanent place to call my own.  A place I can store my stuff without worry.  A space I can use however I please.  Being a homeowner is a great feeling.

With so much bouncing around, its a nice feeling knowing I own a place that is staying put.  I can go wherever I want, and this place will be here waiting for me when I come back.