Due to the recent popularity of some of my Flippa auctions, I’ve had a flood of emails/inquires asking about how I’ve been finding/buying the sites that I have been selling.  I’ve all but been ignoring these requests, seeing them almost as competitors, but realized that I’m NOT buying websites anymore.  I’m free to share the strategy since I won’t be competing in this niche at all anymore.

The strategy is pretty simple: buy aged sites from sellers who built them 10+ years ago and don’t know anything about internet marketing.  However, the specific way I went about doing this was pretty involved.  I’m sure a lot of you guys would want to do this, but doubt that many of you will create a system anywhere similar to mine.

It’s going to take me a few weeks to properly lay out my strategy in a blog post (or series of posts).  It took me nearly a month to develop the system, and I suspect that it could easily be recreated in a week.  Also, don’t worry about other people stealing the idea.  There are MILLIONS of websites out there to go around!