2012 In Review – The Adventure Continues.

Nearly 360 days ago, I wrote a nice little rant: http://www.tomsadventure.com/2011-in-review-is-the-adventure-over/ – It was good to vent, and writing can be very therapeutic, as evidenced by the part that says

Just writing this helps motivate me by painting a picture of the “promised land” in my mind.

Since I love contrasts, I’ll basically just follow the exact same format as that post one year ago, but from an updated perspective.

Sure as heck no longer feels like the adventure is over.  Right now, I’m in my awesome apartment, located in the best part of Medellin.  I’m lying on the couch in my underpants, all the windows are open and the temperature is an absolutely perfect 72 degrees.  It’s 1:55pm on a Sunday and I’m struggling to find things to do to fill my upcoming week.  The kitchen is a disaster, but the maid comes tomorrow, so we can easily just order domicilios tonight.

2012 started out pretty depressing, spending a dark, cold, wet winter in Portland.  My to-do list was stacked miles high with no end in sight.  As the summer rolled in, things got brighter, and my outlook more positive.  Leaving Portland in October was a bittersweet goodbye and immediately started getting my adventure fix.

Some of the things I’ve done in 2012 include:

  • Going to South America for the first time
  • Visiting 2 new countries: Canada and Colombia
  • Visiting 10 new states: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas
  • Survived the end of the world

This awesome adventure combined with a mostly hands-off business has really upped my motivation.  I can really focus on creating personal goals and improving myself in the new year.

Last year, I wrote this visualization.  Let’s revisit it after one year:

My shoulder feels great and I can start lifting again, not to mention do any other activity without any pain or worry.

Never did the surgery.  Just a lot of PT.  Shoulder doesn’t feel great but I’m lifting and doing lots of shoulder exercises.

Taxes are done, I’m completely removed from CA, and my accountant knows how to handle everything.  I have minimal interactions with my accountant, and don’t have to worry about any bullshit IRS crap.

The problem with taxes is that you have to do them every year.  This year will be much simpler since I’ve been an NV resident the entire year.  My CPA is great and is able to handle almost everything on his own.

All my websites are sold.  I just have one website to think about.

Boom!  Done!  Feels great!

My house in Reno is fully repaired and in good standing with the city, rented out and managed by my property manager.  I’ve got all my stuff moved to the only one-bedroom unit in my new 8-plex.  The 8-plex is fully occupied, and I’ve got the property manager doing everything, automatically depositing the rents into a bank account, and the mortgage payments are being automatically deducted.  I sit back and enjoy the cash-flow and the essentially free unit.

The only difference is that we have one vacancy in my apartment.  Other than that, this is EXACTLY what has happened.

I’ve found an amazing contractor who I can trust and will handle all the programming/design needs of my site.  I can just email him an idea for a new feature and he understands exactly what I want.  Users who find bugs simply submit a ticket with him and he fixes the bugs.  I don’t even have to know it happened.  He is in charge of making sure the site is live and properly functioning at all times.

The new version of my site makes managing everything ten times easier.  I’ve got my content manager more involved, and I don’t have to do any work, other than answer a few emails here and there.

Still not quite there.  I’ve found a genius who is working on building the new site, but he’s a bit behind schedule.  However this guy really knows his stuff and I’m 100% confident that he’ll do an amazing job.

Boom.  I’ve just freed myself from all these nagging responsibilities.  I go out and buy the best travel gear (instead of using a free Bodybuilding.com gym bag).  I buy a one-way ticket to Vilnius, Lithuania.  Or Seoul, South Korea.  Or Rosario, Argentina.  Or buy a motorcycle and start riding south.  Or north.  I don’t even bring my laptop.  The adventure resumes.

I do have the best travel gear.  It was a one way ticket to Medellin.  I did bring my laptop, but it was a MacBook Air this time and much more choice.  The adventure has resumed.



1.  Just going over this post from a year ago has inspired me to write out another “ideal” situation.  I hadn’t revisited this post in a year and I was shocked at how perfectly I described some of the aspects of my future life.

2.  There’s no pictures because the camera on my phone broke again.  And I’ve just accepted I’m not a great picture taker.  I have to rely on getting pictures from everyone else which isn’t always so easy.  I’ll do a picture update soon.

3.  Travel gear post has been postponed.  I’m really not doing much backpacking here in Medellin.

4.  Travel plans: random trips around South America over the next few months (Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil), then to Sweden in June, and spending the summer/fall in Europe.