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Or, if I am going to be passing through your town, we can meet up and you can show me around!  See more info on my upcoming travel plans.

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  1. don says:

    Hey Tom, Did your Rialta come with the onboard generator? If so, do you use it and/or want to sell it? My rialta didn’t come with one.

    Also, why did you remove your awning? Mine didn’t come with one and I’m looking for one.

    Hope your travels are going well. Give me a shout when/if you come through upstate NY.



  2. Tom says:


    My Rialta did come with an onboard generator, and although I don’t use it a lot (have the solar panels) I’m not planning on getting rid of it since I might need it for backup if the sun isn’t shining or I’m using waay too much electricity.

    I removed the awning because it was an additional 50 pounds, more wind resistance, I NEVER planned on using it, and it got in the way of my pull-up bar. I finally sold the dang thing on craigslist for $260 to some other guy with a Rialta.

    I should eventually be passing through NY, might not be for another year or so though.

  3. Don says:

    Hey Tommy, I saw your Rialta for sale on ebay today. I was checking recent & current sales of rialtas and saw it. I checked out your RV travels blog link, that got me to thinking about Tynans forums and here I am writing you. The internet is wonderful for jumping from thought to though, idea to idea and connection to connection.

    I’m a bit of an internet entreprenuer myself. For the past 15 years I’ve been buying items, cleaning them up and flipping them on the internet (eBay & Craigslist mostly)… for generally insane profits.

    An example: Last spring I saw a Rialta advertised on CL locally for $9000. The owner had passed away and the RV was sitting outside for a few years. I didn’t even know what a Rialta was until I saw that ad. I went to ebay and did some price research. I saw that they are a really cool RV & they sell for crazy money. I contacted the seller and found out he had interested buyers from all over the country wanting to buy it. Luckily, I was the only really local buyer with the cash and he liked me when we met. I ended up buying the Rialta for $9500 (price went up a little after all the interest), spent a couple leisurely weeks cleaning it up, used it for the summer (lots of fun!) and then sold it in the fall for $23,500 using ebay to advertise it for me.

    If you do a quick search of my few posts here, you’ll see the story and pics of my Rialta buying and owning experience.

    I have a bunch of other stories like that… so you know a little bit about my capabilities.

    You obviously know your $HIT when it comes to revenue generating websites. I would like to pick your brain about a site I have in mind. It’s a niche market that’s currently covered by ebay, CL and a couple of other semi successful websites. Ebay is to expensive to sell on and CL is too annoying. That’s where my idea comes in.

    If you have some spare time and wouldn’t mind periodically guiding a like minded individual, let me know.


    -Don in NY

    PS I tried to send this message to you on Tynans site but I don’t think it went through. If it did, sorry for the redundancy!

  4. Si says:

    Where do you find all the websites you list on Flippa?
    Your doing great work.


  5. Tommy says:

    We’ll be getting to that in a future post in the “Finding Neglected Websites” series.

  6. Sanu says:

    Hello Tommy,

    Nice to know about your adventurous life. I am really impressed with your adventure journal here. What a great life…something I have always dreamed of…
    I just wanted to invite you to the other part of the world (eastern part). However, I came to know from your couchsurfing profile, you have traveled to
    Indonesia and Australia. I am not sure if you are interested in mountains. If you would like to have life time experience of seeing the world’s highest peak (Mt. Everest) , I would be glad to welcome you to Nepal. Furthermore, if you have the brass balls for adventure, then definitely mountain biking, jungle safari, motorbike trips, rafting and bungy will attract you here.
    I would be happy to host your through couch surf if you want.

    Looking towards your reply.
    Thanks ,

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