I said goodbye to Asia, left the busy city of Bangkok on Wednesday morning, and arrived in the quaint town of Karlskrona, Sweden Thursday afternoon.

After spending the last 3 weeks in the chaos of south east Asia, this calm Swedish town feels like being on another planet.  I was blown away at how opposite everything was.

Don’t get me wrong, I had the time of my life in Asia, but did grow tired of it, especially my last four days in Bangkok.  That city was the epitome of most of the things I didn’t like about Asia.  Dirty, hot, crowded, smelly, insane traffic and chaos on the roads, English isn’t widely spoken, huge city, etc.

Karlskrona is exactly the opposite.  The weather was nothing short of perfect when I arrived.  About 20c and sunny.  The sun finally set late in the evening, and it eventually got dark around 10pm.  Luke and I went for a bike ride around town, and at no point did I think I was going to die (from crazy drivers).  It actually took a little while for me to adjust back to driving on the correct (right) side of the road.

The town is beautiful and insanely quiet compared to the disorder of Bangkok.  At midnight, we wanted to grab a bite to eat, but there really wasn’t anything open.  The community was so small that Luke ran into a dozen people he knew as we were riding around town.  I finally wore my jacket again!

Sunset around 9:30pm

Whats next?

Meeting with a friend from Walnut Creek (Bay Area) in Amsterdam on Monday, Belgium a few days later, then to Paris.  Meeting with another friend from Seattle in Paris and possibly doing Spain, Italy, Greece.  Meeting with a college buddy from SF after that (mid-June) in Prague, and doing Eastern Europe.  Maybe Scotland in July?  Back to the states to eventually, with a stop in Colorado to visit Chris who landed a job out there!

If I make it back to SF with summer to spare, I’ll head up to Portland again to make a visit while the weather is still good.  Probably spend the fall in SF.


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  1. Therese Noonan says:

    Wow! What a contrast. Thanks for the update.

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