Currently the top two auctions on Flippa’s Most Active list are my auctions. and  A few early bidding wars helped me climb the ladder.  I have a total of 5 auctions that are currently on the most active list.

I didn’t realize that watching these auctions would be so exciting.  It’s fun to see the bidding wars while watching the time tick away.

I’ve got a handful of more profitable sites that will be listed soon.  I’m confident those will be even more exciting than the current auctions!


6 Responses to “Dominating Flippa’s Most Active List”

  1. adamvok says:

    hey there,

    I’m a fan of you on flippa :) found your site over there while I was looking for websites to help fund the same lifestyle you’re currently living ;-)

    Good to see that someone already doing it, it’s a good motivation, and also I can bid with more confidence, I think it’s time to buy some sites from you.

    Not talking about the making money online section on this site, I think that’s very helpful, even for a “not that beginner”. Thanks for that info.

    and since this is a public place, may I ask you which one is your favourite listing on fliipa? i.e. Which site do you want sell at least? ;-)


    let me know if you are in London

  2. Tommy says:

    Thanks for the comment, Adam-

    I’d say out of the current sites that are on Flippa, the one I liked the most was ClassicBodybuilders. Great domain name, and a really solid, stable and aged site. I’m still happy about my decision to let everything go though!

  3. Eric says:

    Did everything go ok with the transaction on the purehonda and car photo album websites? I was one of the ones bidding on both, and lost out on both. If the buyer(s) on those didn’t follow through with the deal, let me know.

    Also, do you own any other automotive sites that you’re looking to sell?…

  4. Tommy says:

    Yup, both have been successfully transferred. Just goes to show you the importance of bidding early, high and keeping an eye on the auction at the end.

    Yes, a few more automotive-related sites will be listed later this month. Be sure to follow me on Flippa!

  5. Eric says:

    Yeah I was bidding early and often. Then at the last minute, you changed the buy-it-now to be lower on one of them, which was really shrewd of you. I literally saw the new buy-it-now when I woke up. I decided to sit down to have a bowl of cereal, and when I got back someone had snapped it up… Congrats on selling the sites.

  6. Tommy says:

    Ah, yes, I dropped the BIN on CPA because I saw the bidding war going on, and didn’t want it to last all night. Flippa needs to do something about the 4-hour limit so auctions aren’t going all night.

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