En Route to Minneapolis

Minneapolis was victorious over Vancouver.  Mainly because I didn’t want to try to do that 3,000+ mile drive from Vancouver to Delaware all at once.

I’m in the middle of nowhere, Montana.  I’ve driven over 400 miles today, and I’m going to try to get another 300 or so in before setting up camp.  I’ve been averaging about 18mpg!

I’ll be in Minneapolis on Thursday.


3 Responses to “En Route to Minneapolis”

  1. Mom says:

    I’m glad to hear that you’re making progress. What an adventure!

  2. Dad says:

    I forgot to ask – What did you do with the car you bought in Seattle? Or maybe that’s what you’re driving to Minneapolis and the RV was sold back in Seattle?

  3. Tommy says:

    After one too many encounters with lowlife Craigstlist bottom-feeding scum, I decided to donate it to a charity and let them make money flipping it rather than one of the Craigslist dirtbags.

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