With minutes to go in the Rialta eBay auction, the bid was still $12,000 away from my break-even point.  I’m nervously hitting refresh, getting more and more worried that the final bid won’t be anywhere near what I wanted.

Finally I see a little activity before a very pathetic ending.  I’m out nearly $10k  when all is said and done, not including the countless hours I put into installing all the mods.  I can’t be upset because this is what the market determined the value at.

The experiences I had while traveling the country in this rig were priceless.  It was a huge learning and growing experience, and I have absolutely no regrets that I went through with it.

Restructuring my life

I’ve decided to set up my home-base in Reno, NV.  I’m buying a 4-plex and calling one of the units my home.  I’m excited to be able to answer the question of “where do you live” in one or two words.

I’m still in the process of downsizing my entire portfolio of websites to just one.  Business will be much simpler with just one site to focus on.

I’ve been closing credit cards/bank/savings/investment accounts that I haven’t been actively using.  Trying to again minimize things I have to think about.

I have already set up a new Nevada corporation, and I’m in the process of moving everything under that one: bank accounts, payroll, addresses, accountants, etc.  I’ll be entirely out of California by the end of the year and will have dissolved the CA incorporation I currently own.

Different type of travel

I’d like to be spending more than a month at each location.  I’m thinking 3-6 months at each city, and renting a room with locals rather than staying at hostels or in an RV.

US Destinations I’d like to live in:

  • Denver, CO
  • Austin, TX
  • Portland, OR (again)
  • Somewhere in the south?

Foreign destinations:

  • Summer in Stockholm
  • Long trip through Eastern Europe/Russia
  • Summer in New Zealand
  • Summer in Argentina/Moto tour through South America

4 Responses to “End of an Era: The Rialta is No More”

  1. Paul says:

    It all makes sense. Sometimes you loose but at least you are moving fast by following your plan. Most people make the mistake of not being able to let go….you seem to follow you dreams in a very organized way. Good luck.

  2. Davo says:

    Sorry you lost money, but you have a great attitude; counting your travels & experiences as value!!

    I have one concern…..
    IMO, I think you should keep two websites. ( you know which one I am thinking of. )
    Send me a PM if you don’t want to discuss this here.


  3. Luke says:

    Are you downsizing all of your sites to one so that you can focus all of your energy on TomsAdventure.com?

  4. Tommy says:

    Of course! TomsAdventure is bringing in the most revenue!!

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