I made it to San Francisco on Monday morning.  Got up at the crack of dawn to make sure I got a good spot, but once I arrived, I realized that I could have easily left hours later.  I ended up getting a spot on Oak Street, adjacent to the panhandle.  Had to take a nap yesterday since I haven’t been up at 6am in months! (The joys of owning your own business)

Plenty of other RVs there, some nicer than others (mine is on the nicer side).  The street is pretty loud and passing cars often shake my entire rig.  Getting out is like playing Russian Roulette since the coach door swings right into traffic.

The rig is working out pretty well.  I’ve already gotten used to the street noise, so sleeping isn’t a problem.  I get plenty of sun, so the solar panels keep the battery topped off at all times.  My inverter (3rd one, blew the other two up…) works like a charm, allowing me to have a nice hot shower today.  I was shaving in front of my rig, in the park and a passing jogger smiled at me.  I couldn’t tell if she was giving me a “haha, you are shaving in the park” smile or a “he’s sorta cute, too bad he’s homeless” smile.  At least I was fully clothed.

I’ve already done plenty of stuff.  Visited a few coffee shops and pubs, climbed a giant concrete wave, biked around the city, went to the gym (didn’t realize it was in the castro until I got there), got groceries, and got plenty of reading and work done.

Today, I found a nice big “NOTICE” on my windshield.  Although the only posted parking regulation on my street is the street cleaning on Monday mornings, apparently there is also a 72 hour rule everywhere in SF.  I have to find a new spot for my rig before Friday morning.  There are street cleanings all the time, and I’ve got my eye on a fantastic level spot just a few blocks away that will be waiting for me right after the Thursday street cleaning.

Finally, I saw another Rialta in SF today.  Didn’t seem like anyone was living in it (was in a 2-hour spot), and looked like it was in a little worse shape than mine.  I’ve never actually seen another Rialta in person, so this was pretty exciting for me.

So far so good.  It is definitely an adjustment to go from suburban living to urban RV living in such a short time.  Getting out of the RV as much as I can helps a lot.  I spent several hours in a coffee shop today doing my work, which was a nice excuse to get out of the cramped rig, socialize and take advantage of the speedy wifi.


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