First trip in the RV

I spent 4 nights in a row in the Rialta for the long weekend.  I picked up a friend of mine and we went to stay with another friend in Chico.  I parked right in front of their house, and my buddy stayed on the couch (in the house).  I stayed in the RV to test things out, and to be able to sleep in a private place with an actual bed, which was a much better option than the livingroom floor with the dog.

I’ve learned a number of things after actually spending some time in my rig.  I’ll probably go into more details, but I quickly want to get a list while everything is fresh in my mind.

  1. The insulation sucks.  It gets pretty cold in there at night, but sleeping in a sweatshirt, beanie and super-thick comfortor helped.  Every morning when I woke up, all the glass/mirrors were fogged up.
  2. The tanks (fresh/gray/black) actually hold a good amount.  I didn’t take any showers, but still had plenty of room in all tanks.
  3. Battery life is pretty good too.  I was parked for 4 days straight, used the lights/radio/fan/water pump during that time, and still had a full battery charge.
  4. Light really penetrates in the morning.  I had to get a pair of blinders so I could sleep in past 7AM.
  5. The street is much louder than inside a house.  Earplugs were key.
  6. I need to tint the coach door window.  The shade for that must be pulled up every time you open the door, so I constantly forget to close that blind.  If you are changing, its best to remember.
  7. Gas mileage is great!  I averaged over 17mpg on the trip.
  8. I need to fix the CC.  The cruise control doesn’t work, and it can be cumbersome keeping a constant speed for hours on the interstate.
  9. People either think it is incredibly creepy or amazingly cool that I live in an RV.  If I give them more details and an RV tour, they usually come around.
  10. I need a light that comes on if the coach door is open.  I’ve had too many close calls stumbling to find the switch after entering the coach.
  11. I need more security.  For the entire time, I didn’t really know when the coach door was locked and when it wasn’t, so I had some panic attacks in the middle of the night when I thought I heard (or dreamed) that someone was entering my rig.
  12. I need a tiny vacuum.  The floor gets really dirty really fast.
  13. I need a key hook.  I kept losing my keys every time I was inside the coach.
  14. Leveling blocks did help.  I would rather just find a level spot, but there really weren’t any perfect spots.  The leveling blocks were a quick solution to help get the thing level.  Not perfect, but better than nothing.
  15. It is nice to have the option to put the desk away.  I might just leave it be instead of installing a new solid one-piece permanent thing.

I’ve got plenty of work to do on this rig in the meantime.  I ordered a ton of stuff last week, and it all was waiting for me in my room when I got home.  I’ll start posting more details on some of the modifications I complete.

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2 Responses to “First trip in the RV”

  1. georgeNtexas says:

    I used a zero degree sleeping bag when I was truckin slept comfortable down to 32 degrees. When it’s real cold or hot idling the engine you will find doesn’t use that much fuel. You have a real nice setup I am about to move back into my camper trailer myself. I snagged a 1000 watt 2 stroke generator delivered to my house the other day from was $159 made by Steele…has both 110 and 12volt output…nice backup if you drained your batteries. Austin is a very MB friendly town from what I’ve heard but the traffic there is a nightmare. If you get a chance go thru St. George Utah then on to Denver most scenic interstate in the country!

  2. georgeNtexas says:

    Hope you are doing well your site is down when I tried to go there. I’m about to embark on the same kind of trip I haven’t decided what direction I want to go. I only have a car and tent generator. I wish you well hope to meet up some day.

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