Due to my somewhat unusual lifestyle, I’m constantly getting questions/comments from curious individuals.  Here is a list of common questions, and my responses to them.

Note: I was going to do a single FAQ post, but decided to split it up into two posts: Lifestyle and Business.  This is the lifestyle part.

Must be nice not having to worry about income/job/boss/working/time/money/etc.

While there are heaps of perks doing what I do, it isn’t exactly this perfect lifestyle that some people perceive it as.  To dis-spell some common misconceptions, here are a few notes:

1.  I still put in close to 40 hours of work per week.  It is not 9-5 M-F, but I’m still putting the time in.  That whole 4-hour work week idea is crap if you ask me.

2.  While I don’t have a boss, I also don’t have co-workers who I can push responsibilities to if I want to take a 2-week vacation away from work.

3.  All my websites are NOT set-and-forget.  I do have to maintain everything, and if something goes wrong, I’m the only responsible for getting it fixed.

4.  There are risk factors beyond my control.  A recent Google logarithm update dropped the traffic in about 6 of my sites by 30%.  I can’t exactly get on the phone with Google and tell them to take it back.

Are you still looking for a place to “settle down”?

When I embarked on my first RV tour, a big justification in my head was that I wanted to check out other places in the country/world to see if I would ever want to “settle down” there.  At this point, I haven’t been thinking about settling down as much as I have about adventure.  Now that I’ve ventured outside the US, I’ve realized there is just so much to see.  I could spend a lifetime discovering new places.

Are you planning to do any more travel in the RV?

To be honest, I was a little tired of living in the RV when I returned from Boston in December.  I was in and out of the RV for my most recent stay home (Dec-Feb), and every time I returned to the RV, I realized I had missed it.

At this point, I am still enjoying the luxuries of living in a house, including:

1.  Hot water

2.  Unlimited electricity

3.  Oven/BBQ

4.  Roommates/ability to have multiple friends over

5.  Yard

6.  Telling people where I live without also having to explain that I’m not a rapist.

I guess we will see how I feel when I get back into the US, whenever that may be.  Just thinking about it right now, I realize that I do miss the RV lifestyle!

Is it harder to stay productive on the road?

Yes.  Constant change and lack of a consistent schedule do not create the best working conditions.  However, I am adapting, and learning to squeeze work in whenever I get a chance.

Your adventure sounds awesome.  I wish I could do that!

You can.  And you should.

The average Australian that I’ve met has traveled much more than the average American.  I’d estimate that Australians travel 5 times more than Americans.  Any excuse you can make is just that, its an excuse.

Job?  Take some time off.  Or save up some money and quit!  You’ll be able to find another one.

Kids?  Bring ‘em along!  It will benefit them to see other parts of the country/world.

Do you miss your cat?

Yes, and I’m sure she misses me just as much, if she noticed I’m not there.

Are you still watching Sharks games?

Even better, I am listening to them!  Its like reading a book instead of watching a movie.  I get to imagine it all in my head.

Have you told anyone that you are an international spy yet?

Yes.  And they did not believe me.  So I spared their life.

Are you just making up questions?

Yes.  I thought I had more lifestyle questions to answer.


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    I get a lot of the same questions about you. This is really good and fun to read.

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