Getting my Travel Mojo Back

You get really complacent by spending all your time in one city.  Living in Portland, I’ve noticed that life is no longer a challenge.  There is hardly any adventure.  I’m not learning or growing as much as I was while traveling.  My passion for life has been dwindling.

Today, I decided that I was going to plan out my next adventure.  My lease here in Portland is up at the end of September, the best time to get out of town before another dark winter.  What better place to go than South America.  I’ve got my eye on Bogota or Buenos Aires.  Or both.  While I’m there, I’d like to visit Ushuaia, Argentina (southernmost city in the world) and take a cruise to Antartica.  That way, all I have to do is hit Africa and I’ll have successfully visited every continent in the world.

Once the summer ends in South America (April-May-ish) I’d like to head up to Sweden to visit my brother who will be studying abroad there.  Then off to Denmark (I passed through DK twice on my last trip, but never stopped to smell the roses) and ideally a tour through some Eastern-European countries over the summer.  I’m thinking: Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Romaina, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc.

Finally, once the summer was coming to an end, I’d make my way through Africa, down to Cape Town, South Africa for the summer.  At this point, I’m forecasting nearly 2 years out, so who knows what will actually end up happening.  If all goes according to this plan, and I head back to the US indefinitely afterwards, I’ll have enjoyed 5 summers in a row.  I better bring my sunscreen.

The whole point of me coming up with this travel plan and posting for all to see is goal setting.  I’d like to have my business and investments almost entirely automated before leaving on this trip.  I’m setting deadlines and planning out how I’m going to have everything structured and worry-free by the time I head south.  Now I’ve got some tangible goal to look forward to.  Some light at the end of the tunnel.  Some reason I’m putting all this hard work in.


5 Responses to “Getting my Travel Mojo Back”

  1. Joe Noonan says:

    You should go to Sweden in winter to visit your brother. Stop chasing fair weather.

  2. Mommy says:

    Can I go?

  3. Tommy says:


  4. Sameer says:

    Man I wish I could have a travel plan like that. And you should consider visiting India sometime, it’ll surely be an experience of a lifetime. :)

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