Getting prepared for Australia

I intentionally planned my Australia departure for February 20th (I pushed my flight back 6 days to allow myself time after returning from Mammoth) to allow myself time to spend back in the Bay Area. For most of my 10-week Bay Area layover (December 11 to Feb 20) I was between SF and Moraga, with a bunch of smaller trips in between. The things I needed to take care of back in the bay were:

  1. Taxes: Fail.  I sent my account everything he needed on January 3rd.  I was hoping to have everything 100% taken care of before flying away.  Guess the government wasn’t ready yet.  I’ll have to finish my taxes up remotely in the land down under.
  2. RV Repairs: Success, but at a cost.  Just needed routine maintenance and the shop took 19 days.  I dropped it off before a weekend trip to Tahoe, thinking I’d pick it up when I came back.  So the only clothes I brought with me were the ones I packed for Tahoe.  I made it last 19 days somehow.
  3. RV Storage: Success, but could have been much better.  I ended up finding a Craigslist spot for it about an hour away from home.  Right after I dropped it off, I got a return call from the guy just down the street from me, who could store it cheaper.  Later that day, I realized I could have stored it at my trusted friend’s house as well.
  4. Christmas with the family: Win.  I did end up spending plenty of time with the family.
  5. Work: My little brother Joe has been doing a lot of work for me, and I wanted to go over some stuff and show him how to do additional tasks.  We got him set up doing some extra stuff and he has been doing a great job.
  6. Mini Trips: Still managed to take some fun trips while back in town.  Destinations included: Twain Heart (Pinecrest for Snowboarding), Las Vegas, San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara, Tahoe, Sonoma (State), and Mammoth.  Three snowboarding trips this season, which is three times as many as I have ever made in one season.

After recalling all the fun times I had over the last 10 weeks, I realized that I am a terrible picture taker.  Pretty much all the pictures I have are ones other people took and posted on Facebook, or pictures of stupid things (that I thought were cool at the time) I took on my phone.  Either way here are some visuals:

Hail in Moraga, and a cat.

Santa Barbara – beautiful photography by my older brother.

Vegas – this is inside at 2am.

Company meeting

After finding pictures to post, I again realized I need to take more and better pictures.


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