One year ago I was dying to settle down somewhere.  I had become exhausted with bouncing around for months at a time with nowhere to call home.  I wanted to live in a house, drive a car, buy a motorcycle, and have hobbies.  I wanted to have a core group of friends, roommates, and was even willing to entertain the idea of possibly being in a relationship.

One year into this stability and I am itching for another adventure.  The only problem is that I didn’t realize how hard it would be to say goodbye to my life in Portland.  The final few weeks were truly an emotional roller coaster.  On one hand, I was excited to break free from my day-to-day and explore the world again.  Also, the rain had finally returned to Portland, and I couldn’t fathom the idea of another wet and dark winter.  On the other hand, it was incredibly difficult to say goodbye to everyone who I had spent so much time with in Portland.

It has been less than a week and I still can’t think about everyone I miss in Portland without being overcome with anxiety.  While I’ll probably see everyone I want to see again sometime in the future, its so scary not knowing when that will be or if it will ever happen for sure.  I was in a relationship for several months before leaving.  Saying goodbye to her only added to the heart-wrenching departure.  With all the travelling I’ve done in the last few years, I’ve had to prematurely “pause” several relationships, both romantic and friendly.  Right now, I feel like I’m becoming burnt out from this lifestyle.  I’ll probably feel better once I settle down in Colombia, but at this moment, the goodbye’s are still very fresh in my memory.

On the bright side, the sense of adventure is starting to kick back in.  I just spent the weekend in Miami Beach, and I’m en route to Georgia.  Miami was fun, but that place is really not for me.  It was tolerable for the weekend, but the flashy club-scene of Miami Beach isn’t my style.  I did get to practice plenty of Spanish though!

My road trip will continue with visits to Savannah, South Carolina, Nashville, Birmingham, New Orleans, Austin and Dallas.  From there I’m headed straight to Medellin, Colombia to start my new life in Espanol.  Maybe I’ll do all future posts in Spanish from now on.  Who knows.  The adventure continues…

I’ll keep this updated with new stories, pictures and chronicles of my journey.  I’ve loaded up on entirely new gear for this trip, so I’ll be showcasing what items I’ve chosen to bring along this time.


4 Responses to “Goodbye Portland, Hello Adventure”

  1. pw says:

    What lead you to choose Colombia out of all Spanish speaking countries in the area?

  2. Ames says:

    Are you talking about the same girl that took you on an amazingly unforgettable impromptu surprise trip to Aberdeen?
    I hope so.

    (to clarify: I’m referring to the much awesomer Aberdeen that is NOT in Scotland…just in case someone else took you on a less fun trip to Aberdeen, Scotland…I hear it’s pretty lame in comparison…)

    Portland misses you too.
    Can’t wait to see/hear about all your crazy adventures.

  3. Tommy says:

    Ames- Shoot, it was a different one. This is awkward… jk ;) PS, I think she took ME on an unforgettable impromptu trip to Aberdeen (the one where Kurt Cobain was born and the sign that says “come as you are” underneath the town welcome sign)

  4. Tommy says:

    pw- I was originally thinking of going to Argentina, but a few factors persuaded me to choose Colombia:
    1. I’ve heard they have the most “pure” Spanish. Argentina has Spanish that is a bit harder to understand.
    2. I’ve heard Colombians are very welcoming and friendly towards gringos. I’ve heard differently about Argentina.
    3. I have a friend living in Medellin right now who wants to get a place together (already secured a place together)
    4. I found a very cheap one-way plane ticket to Medellin!

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