Goodbye Portland!

I had an amazing time in Portland, but I’m finally headed to Seattle in the morning.

I’ll discuss Portland in more detail in a later post, but for now I just wanted to mention that this last month has been the time of my life.  I came up to Portland expecting nothing (estimated a short stay here since I didn’t know a soul in this town), but left with some incredible friendships and experiences.  What a surprise.

If Seattle is half as amazing as Portland was, it will be a great success.


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  1. Todd says:

    Tommy, I stumbled across you adventure & website by reading on tynan’s site. I love what your doing and hope you continue to live life on your terms! I’d like to know what your transition was like from visiting areas where you knew people and Portland where you didn’t. A few months ago I went on an adventure that started in Columbus, Oh and stretched to Marco , Florida (all on the road). Sometimes it was a bit overwhelming arriving in a new area, but I got around that usually by immersing myself in the culture/events. I’m gearing up for another and heading either south or southwest the first day it gets cold here in Columbus! Cheers.

  2. Tommy says:


    Great question! Portland was actually the first city where I didn’t know a soul. I was very skeptical when I first arrived, because wasn’t confident in my abilities in immediately making friends.

    As soon as I got there, I pushed myself to befriend everyone I could. I went to couchsurfing events, and met up with friends of friends. Before I knew it, I had a thriving social network, as if I had been living there my whole life.

    That push at the beginning of my stay in Portland really paid off. By the time I left, I was constantly running into people I had already met in Portland. It was tough to leave because I had fostered so many new friendships.

    I have a few cousins (older/married) in Seattle, and one or two old friends I’m planning on meeting up with. Hopefully I’ll still have the drive to push myself and create another social network here as I did in Portland.

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