Goodbye San Francisco, Hello Sonoma

The view from the “Vista Point” just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I left San Francisco on Thursday afternoon, headed up to Rohnert Park, CA, which is home of Sonoma State University.  Although I really enjoyed my time in San Francisco, I was ecstatic about moving forward on my journey.

Living out in the Suburbs is a huge contrast to living in the city.  The suburbs are much quieter; you aren’t constantly hearing taxi cabs honking and sirens blasting from ambulances and fire trucks buzzing by.  Also, everything seems so much further away when you live in the suburbs.  What was once a short walk to the nearby internet cafe in the city is now a few mile bike ride.

The suburbs are a nice relaxing break from the city, but can get real boring real fast.  There was always something to do, somewhere to go or people to meet in the city.  Here, there is a lot more “downtime”.

Went to see Slightly Stoopid at the Harmony festival yesterday in Santa Rosa.  I haven’t gone to a show like this since Warped Tour when I was 16.  It really brought me back.  It was good to feel like a kid again.

Of course we had to roll up to the festival in style.

Unlike this guy.

The plan is to spend a few more days here in Sonoma before heading east over to Davis for next week.


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