The first leg of my trip is pretty simple.  I’ll leave the Bay Area wandering north, with the northern-most destination being Vancouver, Canada.

The destinations I plan to hit along the way are:

San Francisco, CA

Sonoma, CA

Davis, CA

Sacramento, CA

Chico, CA

Humboldt, CA

(Random State parks along the way)

Eugene, OR

Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA

Ocean Park, WA

Seattle, WA

Vancouver, Canada

I should be leaving the Bay Area at the end of April, and I estimate that I will arrive in Vancouver, Canada anywhere between June and September.  I’ll get a better idea of timing once I’m on the road.

After arriving in Vancouver, I believe I’ll be heading east.  Maybe up to Calgary, or maybe through Montana and North or South Dakota.  Eventually I should end up in Minnesota, then continue east to Boston, then south along the east coast to Florida, then west along the southern US to So-Cal, then finally north back to the Bay Area.


2 Responses to “Heading North: Nor-Cal, Oregon, Washington, Canada”

  1. PatrickW says:

    Tom…looks like you have the perfect size rig for your trip, big enough, but not too big. Be very careful, my friend…there are a lot of people out there who might seem friendly, but will just suck you in, take advantage and leave you on the side of the road naked with your thumb up your butt. I’m not trying to be morbid, or throw water on your campfire, but just remember what I told you about my 30 year career. It CAN happen to you if you are not alert. Keep in close contact with me so I know that you are alright, and having fun…K?

    And be very sure to make it East over the Cascades and Northern Rockies before September, or you are likely to not make it over at all til next spring. Have Fun, Enjoy, God Bless.

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