Hidden Benefits of RV Living

While the ability to go wherever the wind takes me is the most obvious benefit of living in an RV, there are a few other interesting bonuses that only other RVers realize.

  • You don’t lose stuff. There are only a few places it could be.  I never spend time looking for stuff anymore.
  • It takes 15 minutes to thoroughly clean my rig. Even if it is a total mess, takes me 15 minutes to organize everything, wipe counter tops, and even vacuum.
  • A sink full of dishes takes a few minutes to do. My sink is tiny and doesn’t hold a lot of dirty dishes.
  • Takes a few minutes to heat up. The rig is so small that it heats up very quickly when I turn the furnace on.
  • Nothing is out of my reach. Literally, from where ever I may be, everything is no more than one step away.
  • No bills. Rent? Nope.  Mortgage/property tax?  Nope.  Electricity?  Solar panels.  I’ll use about 5 gallon of gas a month (not including traveling between cities), and maybe 4 gallons of propane.
  • No mean neighbors. If I don’t like my neighbors, I just find a new spot to park.
  • Safety.  When I come home, I know that nobody is hiding inside, waiting for me to go to bed, because there are no places for a full-grown human to hide.  Furthermore, if someone enters, the alarm goes off.  Simple as that.

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