Home for the Holidays?

The weather continues to get less and less favorable as I stay here in Boston.  I suppose I could just travel south to keep warm, but there are a few things I want to do:

1.  I’m getting the itch to travel outside of the US

2.  I’d rather not store the RV somewhere that freezes.

3.  I’m getting homesick and would like to visit family/friends for the holidays.

4.  I need to get my taxes done, which is easiest to do if I am at home in CA (I do own a California S-Corporation).

All of these problems can be solved by driving back to CA for the holidays.  Right now I’d be looking to make the trek in mid December.  It shouldn’t be hard to find an outside storage spot for the RV that doesn’t freeze.

The only problem is navigating a route west-bound that will be least disrupted by the weather.


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  1. If I were you I’d head to CA to park then go international for a bit. Right now the best weather-conscious route west seems to be, from Boston, Go south through Pennsylvania, then straight west until you get to the Nebraska/Kansas border, and then you have two options. Either go straight through the mountains and suffer through some cold and potentially snow, or go south before you get to Colorado and go through New Mexico/Arizona. The route I’ve outlined is based on areas that are expecting highs of at least 60 for the next few days, but you could always go further south depending on what you want to do. Hopefully this will help.

  2. Therese Noonan says:


  3. Joe Noonan says:

    I call Patrick’s old room.

  4. Tommy says:

    If you know what’s best for you, you won’t try it.

  5. Joe Noonan says:

    You trying to step?

  6. Tommy says:

    Its got a king-size bed. We can share.

  7. Joe Noonan says:

    Then when I sift you can sit over my shoulder and make sure I am being efficient.

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