One of the most common questions I get is: “How are you going to pay for this trip?”.

The number one assumption is that I have saved up a bunch of money and I’m taking some time off work, and the number two assumption is that I just graduated college, couldn’t find a job and my parents let me borrow their RV.

Neither of these two assumptions is correct.  I’m not taking time off work, and my parents don’t have an RV.  (If they did, I can’t imagine that they would let me borrow it or that I would want to borrow it).

Here is what I tell people:

How are you going to pay for this trip?

I have an Internet company.

What does your Internet company do?

I sell advertising online.

These are the short answers I use when I don’t feel like explaining myself, or don’t have a solid ten uninterrupted minutes to explain how everything works and how I got there.

For anyone who has received the short version, I’ll go into a little more detail in case you want a better understanding of how I magically turned my laptop into an ATM.

As I typed up this post, I realized it was extremely long, so I broke it up into a few parts:

If you don’t feel like reading all that, here is the super-short abbreviated version:

How I Started

I consider myself to have always been an entrepreneur.  After numerous random failed business attempts throughout my life, I started my successful online business as a sophomore in college.

After graduating, I got a full time job only to quit 3 weeks into it so that I could focus all my energy on building my online business.  I took a huge pay cut, but it was an investment I was willing to make for the business.

Over the next year and a half, I worked full-time on growing the business.  I set it so that it would basically run itself.  In 2010, I finally grew the business to a point where I wanted to cut my hours and focus on growing as a person.

How it Works

I own a bunch of random websites.  Some of which I started on my own, some of which I bought from other people.  These websites are just content sites, and receive a lot of traffic from people searching on google for various terms such as “Supplement Reviews”, “Motorized Bikes”, “Toyota Celicas”, “MLA Works Cited”, etc.

I don’t really spend a penny on advertising, and I receive a grand total of nearly a million visitors a month across all my sites, pretty much for free.

Since I own and control these web properties, I can sell advertising on my sites.  Depending on the site and the ad, sometimes I’ll get paid every time a person views the ad, or every time a visitor clicks the ad, or every time the visitor clicks the ad and then buys something from the advertiser’s site or signs up for something.

Since the sites are already established, I don’t really have to do much to maintain them, and they generate income ’round the clock.

How You Can Do It Too!

It is harder than most people think.  There is a lot of competition and you really need to be able to work for free for hours on end with no guarantee of a paycheck.

There are dozens of ways to make money online, but here is a starting point for learning how to do it the way I do it:

  1. Learn how to make a website.  It is way easier than you might think.  Find a niche that interests you, and make your site about it.  Get a domain with your subject in it.  If your site is on dog training, a good domain would obviously be “”, but its probably taken.
  2. Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Just Google SEO and read up on the various ways to set up your site so that it does well on the search engines.
  3. Install Adsense on your site, so that you can generate revenue every time someone clicks an ad.  Just Google “Adsense” and you can you will find plenty of info on the topic.
  4. Stick with it.  You won’t be rich overnight.  Keep learning, making websites, writing content, marketing and you will eventually start to generate a buck.

3 Responses to “How I am Funding the Trip”

  1. Therese Noonan says:

    Wow, what a great explanation By the way, you wanted to quit your first post-college full time job after 1 week. You are a born entrepreneur, extremely resourceful and hard-working. You deserve this well-planned adventure.

  2. James says:

    Nice story, I have something similar to you, except I must be a bit older and I went over $30,000 in may 2010.
    But other than that, it’s freestyle life, really good, only need a laptop, internet and good health. :-)

  3. Tommy says:

    Over $30,000 in what?

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