“Its so damn hot!  Milk was a bad choice” – Ron Burgandy (Anchorman)

I wasted many hours desperately trying to figure out how to keep my rig cool.  I bought numerous fans, blocked all the windows, even tried an evaporative cooler (swamp cooler).

My efforts were futile.  It didn’t get very cool in Chico even at night, so I would wake up early every morning sweating my brains out, and there was nothing I could do.

I finally figured out how to beat the heat today!  As I was driving north, I spotted some white stuff on the top of a distant mountain.  I figured that the white stuff was snow, and then I remembered that snow = cold.   I just kept driving towards the white stuff until I got there.

Nice and cool now!


2 Responses to “How I Managed to Beat the Heat”

  1. Dad says:

    Nice pic. Looks like maybe you forgot to stop driving north and ended up in Alaska?… or maybe Mt Shasta?

  2. Tommy says:

    You guessed it! Mt. Shasta. Still plenty of snow, and didn’t have to worry about driving the front-wheel-drive house through snowy roads.

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