I left Rome and flew into Prague to meet my jet-lagged friend from SF, John.  We then proceeded to have the most epic trip of all time.

Prague, CZ

Stayed here 4 nights in the nicest hostel I’d ever been in.  Huge and completely full the whole time.  Built last year, carbon neutral – it was like a hotel that had multiple-room beds.  We went on a few bar crawls, a beer tour, and drank too much absinthe.  It was a great start to the trip.

Chesky Krumlov, CZ

We took the train to this tiny town because it had a castle with a bear moat.  We went river rafting, and as a last ditch effort to escape the sudden torrential downpour, managed to build a fire by the side of the river.

Munich, Germany

Felt like an older, more family-oriented touristy crowed here.  Once we got out of the touristy areas (went to the fair and played ping-pong), we started having a better time.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

We didn’t know how to pronounce the name until the second day we were here.  We didn’t know anything about Slovenia, but picked the capital city to visit since it seemed like it had the most going on.

I was expecting somewhat of a run-down, dirty slummy city.  What we experienced was the exact opposite.  It was beautiful, quaint, not very touristy, small, and the people were so nice.  Tons of people were rollerblading around, and we even saw a girl rollerblade into the club the night we went out.  What a cool place!

Zagreb, Croatia

We were expecting this to be just a bigger version of Ljubljana, but it was not.  Much larger city, and not very pretty.  Not as much fun, people were slightly less friendly, but we still had a great time.  The hostel had a ping-pong table, so we of course played way too many hours of ping-pong.

Vienna, Austria

This is an aesthetically pleasing city, but I found it to be somewhat bland in terms of personality.  Reminded me a lot of Munich.  The hostel was actually a student dorm, but a hostel in the summer.  Of course it had a ping-pong table.  This one was indoor, and probably the best equipment I’d ever seen.  Amazing ping-pong was played.

Leaving Vienna

I left Vienna for Edinburgh the same day John headed back to the states.  There were some troubles with the airline (EasyJet), but now I’m here with Luke at his new place in Scotland.


5 Responses to “Last Leg of the Euro Trip: Czech, Germany, Slovania, Croatia, Austria”

  1. Nicole says:

    Really – of all places in Croatia you picked Zagreb?!?! Amateur! You should of asked me for recommendations.

  2. Tommy says:

    It was on the way to our final destination of Vienna. We realized just wanted to see what it was like. I’ll be back to do a solid Eastern Europe tour all the way down to Greece with more time to check everything out. I’ll definitely need your suggestions for that.

  3. Shelly says:

    I know a thing or two about Greece =) Love the pictures, can’t wait to see ya!

  4. Therese Noonan says:


    What a wonderful trip. When I traveled in “Yugoslavia” after college, we were planning to go to Zagreb but some soldiers told us to skip it and go to Ljubljana which was wonderful.

    Great pictures, too.

  5. adamvok says:

    omg, you missed Budapest ;)


    ok it’s the 11th, but still it’s on the list at least :)

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