Last Week in San Francisco

My extended stay in San Francisco is coming to an end.  I’ll be leaving on Thursday, June 10 to continue my journey north.  My future destinations are as follows:

  • Sonoma, CA (Sonoma State University) – June 10 to June 16
  • Davis, CA – June 17 to June 23
  • Chico, CA – June 24 to June 30

These are a little further out, so the dates might not even be close.

  • Portland, OR – July 1 to July 14
  • Seattle, WA – July 15 to August 10
  • Minneapolis, MN – August 22 to September 15
  • Delaware – October

East Coast Winter Solution

Up until last night, I was worried about having to skip a lot of places on the East Coast because I won’t have enough time before winter rolls in.  Freezing weather is not conducive to living in an RV.

I have two potential solutions, both involve parking the RV long term for the winter.

  1. Spend the winter on the east coast in various month-long sublets.  I could do a month or so in Boston, New York, Philly, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, etc.  This would allow me to spend enough time on the East Coast, and not require me to do any back-tracking in the RV.  Once I finish traveling the area, I could just take my RV out of storage and continue south.
  2. Spend the winter in another country, preferably south of the equator.  I was thinking of visiting Africa, South America, and/or the South Pacific.  I could accomplish these travels during the winter and return in the spring to continue my RV trip.

3 Responses to “Last Week in San Francisco”

  1. Watson says:

    Sick dude! Keep on posting updates!

  2. John Kelly says:

    2. Suggestions: Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand

  3. Joe Noonan says:

    Go to Mali.

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