Last Week in Seattle!

I’ve been on the road 16 weeks now.  I’ll be leaving Seattle in a week, most likely headed towards Minneapolis.  Still haven’t made up my mind 100% so it could still be Vancouver.

I’ve had an amazing time in Seattle.  Met a lot of cool people.  Some of the things I’ve done include a 12 mile hike to the top of a mountain, luxury box at both the Mariners and Seahawks game (thanks Brian), square dancing, space needle for free (thanks Eric), Seattle Underground Adult Tour, wakeboarding, visiting numerous bars/clubs, and even going to a mountain bike park under the freeway.

I’m going to be dog/apartment sitting for Brian this weekend, so it will be nice to live in an actual apartment for a few nights.  I’m excited about running potable water, the freezer, microwave, TV and high-speed (faster than 3g) internet.  All things I have been deprived of the last 16 weeks.

If I do decide to go to Minneapolis, I’ll embark on my 1,600 mile drive on Sunday, and see if I can make it there in 4 days.    400 miles a day shouldn’t be too bad.

Here are some random pictures from Seattle:

Wakeboarding on Lake Samammish

Mariners Game

View from the Space Needle

Seahawks game


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