Locked Down my Travel Plans through 2013!

The first thing I did was buy my last plane ticket, from the US to Medellin, Colombia.  I thought this would be the most expensive plane ticket I’d have to buy, but it turned out to be the cheapest.  $150 for a flight from Dallas to Medellin, Colombia.  Would have been $117 if I didn’t have any luggage (they charge for carry-on items as well).  Spirit Airlines somehow managed to offer this ticket for a third of the price of everyone else.  I don’t want to know how they’re doing it.

My month of bumming around starts October 15th and ends November 13th.  After 11/13, I’ll be in Medellin until the end of the year.  The month of bumming around is going to look like this: Portland -> Reno -> SF -> Miami -> Savannah -> Atlanta -> Nashville -> Birmingham -> New Orleans -> SF -> Austin -> Dallas -> Medellin, Colombia.  Whew.  It was exhausting even typing that up.  All plane tickets have been booked.  Now just a matter of filling in the remaining details like lodging, rental car, etc.  Any suggestions or tips on those destinations would be appreciated!

I’m excited to move forward with the adventure, but also saddened to leave Portland.  By the time I leave, I’ll have called it home for nearly a year here.  I’ve had some incredible experiences and met some amazing people here.

I also get to go through another iteration of minimizing.  I’ll be shedding a ton of possessions, selling my motorcycle/car, and moving my life back into a backpack.  It’s nice to have to go through the process of elimination and minimization every once in a while.


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  1. RJ says:

    I’ll buy you a drink or something if you have time in South Florida. I think the beaches are some of the best in the world here.

    I purchased your Marilyn Monroe site and am having a good return on it. Also have made a version of your system for finding websites ( I call it the Noonan Sifter .1 ) currently in beta. I am in the midst of completing my 1st acquisition through it.

    Safe travels. I like Cartagena, Colombia – the old walled city is incredible! Hope you get that way. Adios.

  2. Patrick says:

    Can’t believe you found a ticket that cheap! Looking at stuff online from the US, flights from Panama to Colombia were like 400 bucks! Nececcitas buscar una novia colombiana.

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