I had to quickly leave Boston since the freezing weather was finally causing damage to the RV.  I raced across the country in 79 hours to beat some storms that actually closed down the highway.

I’m now home for the holidays, enjoying the better weather.  My plans from here on out are currently:

December/January/February: Bay area/SF in the RV (Maybe trips around the West Coast)

February/March/April: Australia

April/May/June: Europe

June/July/August/September: NY (With some trips up to Boston)

September/???: Possible southern tour of the US?

With this plan, the RV will be sitting for 6+ months.  Anyone have ideas on ways to get it some use while I’m gone?  I was thinking of letting close friends/family borrow it if they wanted.


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  1. You could try renting out the RV to someone who seems reliable. You might not want to if you can’t find someone you trust enough to not be worrying about the state of your RV while you’re away.

    It’s good that you beat the storms. We were snowed in all day yesterday and it took all day to dig ourselves out. 16″ of new snow here, and in Wisconsin they closed 150 miles of freeway. Now there’s strong winds driving down the wind chill to -25ºF or so.

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