Made it to Portland!

This is just another quick post to let everyone that I made it safely to Portland.  It took me 3 days to drive from Chico to Portland.  Google maps quoted 8.5 hours, but somehow I managed to spend ~60 hours meandering my way up to Portland.

As I was driving up from Chico (it was too hot to stay a whole week), I spotted a giant white mountain in front of me.  It was Mt Shasta as dad guessed by the picture in my specifically unspecific recent post.  I drove up as far as the road would take me, played in the snow all afternoon, and stayed there the night.

The next day, I finally crossed the Oregon border, but decided to stop and rest in Eugene for the evening.  I biked around the campus, and went to a few watering holes.  Wasn’t hugely impressed by Eugene.

Finally, I left Eugene and finished the last 100 miles or so of my trip up to Portland.  I’ve been in Portland for just over 24 hours, but have already done a ton, and really like this city.  The only problem is the weather; it is raining right now.  June July 1, and raining.  Nobody seems as surprised about it as me.


4 Responses to “Made it to Portland!”

  1. Therese says:

    I’m enjoying your blog!

  2. Dad says:

    “June 1, and raining.”

    Ummm… I know being on the road has a way of making time stand still, but you’re a month off. It’s July 1.

    Portland was great when I was there on business in the early 80’s. Nice downtown. I wasn’t on a bicycle then but I hear Portland is very bicycle-friendly. I was in Portland shortly after Mt St Helens erupted and got a nice view of a following eruption from the top floor of the bank I was working at. Maybe you can can drive the RV up that way and view the destruction 30 years later. The volcano is only about 50 miles from downtown Portland.

  3. Dave says:

    “Ummm… I know being on the road has a way of making time stand still, but you’re a month off. It’s July 1″

    Shhhhhhhhh…… he thinks he’s developed Time-Travel.

    ;^ ))

  4. Tommy says:

    Someone actually once said that my rig looks like a time machine. Maybe it is and I don’t know it yet.

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