Road Trip!

Eight days into my current trip and the sense of adventure is finally returning.  I forgot how exhausting it is to pack up and head to a new city every few days, however the new gear is definitely making things A LOT easier.  This 16-day road trip has served as a really good test of my gear.  I’m definitely making some tweaks and ordering stuff on Amazon that I didn’t think I’d need (Mica insulated jacket, travel shaver, etc).  I’ll have to finalize my packing list and then I’ll do a gear post for y’all.

Miami, FL

We started our adventure with a flight from SF to Miami.  While Miami isn’t really part of “The South”, it was definitely worth checking out.  Miami Beach was a lot of fun, but really wasn’t up my alley.  It felt pretty touristy, and I don’t think we heard anything but club music the entire time.  The beach was great and the water was warm.  I heard LOTS of Spanish and had several opportunities to practice with non English speakers.

I think we were the only straight roller-bladers on the beach that day…

Everyone seemed to always be trying to out-flash each other.

At least they are getting straight to the point.

Savannah, GA

This was a huge contrast to Miami Beach.  Tons of white-haired folks on tour busses.  I think we were the youngest people in our hotel by 35 years.  The nearby beach was virtually empty with only a few middle-aged couples wandering around and a couple fishermen.  The town was really pretty but we just felt a little out of place.  We managed to find a few local watering holes and even convinced them to play the presidential debate live at one.  It was a pretty tense experience and everyone was relieved when it ended and they put the music back on.

You don’t want to know how hard it was to get these state line pictures.

The local shopkeep…

Watching the debate in the bar.

John singing a non-country song.  Nobody was interested in our Yankee music.

I thought I sold my M5 in Portland.  I don’t know what it’s doing down here…

Columbia, SC

We were originally going to head up to Atlanta, but heard from several different sources that it wasn’t worth checking out.  So we decided to change the plan and spend a night in Columbia and a night in Asheville.  Seemed to be a good choice, but I have no idea what Atlanta would have really been like.

Columbia didn’t seem to be anything particularly special.  Just a medium-small sized city that had a little bit of a blue-collar/college vibe.

I love these places.

Asheville, NC

This was a funky little town that felt a little out of place in “The South”.  It sort of reminded me of downtown San Luis Obispo, but without the college influence and with southern accents.  We were surprised by the number non-locals that were living there.

Nashville, TN

So far, this has been my favorite city we’ve visited this trip.  It feels a little bit touristy, but the tourists seem to also be from the south.  Lots of friendly southerners and really good live music.

I can’t believe how friendly the staff were here.  We need these on the west coast.


We’re taking it easy here in Nashville today, which is really needed after a hectic 8 days in a row.  Tomorrow, we’re making the 3 hour drive down to Birmingham, AL to visit a college friend and his wife.  We’ll spend a few days with them, and then we’re headed even further south to celebrate Halloween in New Orleans.  We spend 4 nights there and then fly back to San Francisco.  So far this trip has exceeded my expectations and we’re only half-way through!


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