In this post I made before I left on my trip, I’d mentioned I would land in Vancouver anywhere between June and September.  Its going to be closer to September, if at all.

I’ve really liked spending a full month in each city.  That feels like the right amount of time to allow myself to make an accurate judgment about the city.

I am running out of summer months, and need to be in Delaware in October for my cousin’s wedding.  I effectively have one more month (September) to spend somewhere between Seattle and Delaware.  I’ve narrowed it down to Vancouver, BC and Minneapolis.

Vancouver Pros:

  • I’ve never been to Canada before.  I think it would be fun to spend time in a different country.
  • Very international city.  Should be interesting to visit.
  • I’ve heard the nightlife is pretty good, as you only have to be 19 to go to the bars (not that it matters for an old 24 year-old like myself).
  • Canadians have funny accents.  (What are you talking aboot?)
  • Maybe I’ll meet the Sedin brothers or Ehrhoff. (Vancouver Canucks players… Hockey…)

Vancouver Cons:

  • Cell phone and 3g internet usage is going to be extremely expensive.  Sorting it out will be a pain.
  • Not exactly on the way to Delaware.  The drive from Vancouver to Delaware is going to be very long.

Minneapolis Pros:

  • Still in the USA, so cell phone, internet, currency, etc won’t be a problem.
  • Directly in the middle of the 3,000 mile route from Seattle to Delaware.  I could spend 3 days driving from Seattle to Minneapolis, and 3 days to Delaware, instead of 6 or 7 straight days from Vancouver to Delaware.
  • Maybe I’ll meet Slug (from Atmosphere… a rap group…)
  • Might not have a reason to go back to Minneapolis if I do skip it.

Minneapolis Cons:

  • Higher crime rate.
  • Not an interesting foreign country.

Minneapolis makes more sense logistically, however Vancouver seems a little more interesting to me.  As I mentioned, if I skip Minneapolis, I might never make it there in my journey.  However same goes for Vancouver.  If I were to equip myself with an acceptable phone and eventually do a Canadian tour, Vancouver is still really far out of the way in relation to the other Canadian cities.

I need to make a decision in the next few weeks.  Maybe I’ll visit Vancouver just for a weekend (because of the logistics) and then head off to Minneapolis for September.

Additional Minneapolis Pros:

  • Prince lives here, we got 10,000 lakes
  • the women are beautiful, to me they are
  • we’re not infested with pretentious movie stars
  • Got trees and vegetation in the city I stay
  • I can always find a parking space
  • The women outnumber the men two to one
  • Got parks and zoos and things to do with my son

Bonus points if you can guess what song that’s from.  (Hint, artist has already been mentioned in this post.)

In summation, please comment and help me decide where to spend September!


11 Responses to “September Decision: Vancouver VS. Minneapolis”

  1. Todd says:

    Tommy, glad to hear your still running strong. + 1 for Minneapolis. As mentioned you have many lakes, plenty of chill areas along with enough nightlife to keep you sane. I wouldn’t take something simple and make it more complicated for myself. The less time your running around taking care of things the more genuine connections you can build. Cheers!

  2. Dad says:

    Actually, Minneapolis isn’t quite “directly in the middle between Seattle and Delaware”. According to Google maps, the distance between Seattle and Wilmington, Delaware (where Brian’s wedding is) is 2,813 miles. Directly in the middle of that route, at 1,406 miles, happens to be the place I think you should go next. Mitchell, South Dakota. You could spend a month there easily and still not experience all Mitchell, SD has to offer. First, there’s the world’s only “Corn Palace” ( Next, there’s the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village ( Mitchell is also a college town, home to Dakota Wesleyan University. Although affiliated with the Methodist Church, their website ( proclaims that “Members of any and all faiths are welcome”. They probably even have a pretty good weight room you could use. Just be sure to look and act like a Methodist whenever you sneak in. I’ll look forward to your next blog entry from Mitchell, South Dakota.

  3. Therese Noonan says:

    You’re grandfather was born and raised in Bird Island, Minnesota. You should go to Minneapolis. You’ll probably get a chance to go to Vancouver another time.

  4. Peter says:

    I would say that Vancouver is much more fun and urban.

    I actually live in Newark, Delaware now and would love to meet up and check out your rig if you’re willing. More than happy to buy you a meal or free to use my house amenities.

  5. Tommy says:

    Sweet! I’ll be in Delaware in October so you can check it out then.

  6. Tommy says:

    I think Minneapolis makes more sense logistically too. Thanks Mom!

  7. Tommy says:

    The problem with Mitchell, SD is that I want to save the best for last. If I go there next, I’ll run into two problems.
    1. I won’t want to leave.
    2. Even if I do manage to escape, all subsequent cities will have such a high bar set for them that I won’t enjoy anywhere else in the world.

  8. Cameron says:

    Another +1 for Minneapolis. In addition to the plentiful parks/lakes, there’s lots of flat biking trails (paved railroad tracks) around the metro area. I’d gladly go with you to one if it sounds like something you’d like. Also, fun fact, I live one mile from a farm Bob Dylan shares with his brother. =D

  9. Dad says:

    If you do go to Minneapolis, make sure you make friends with people who have extra tickets to a Twins game, specifically when the Oakland A’s play the Minnesota Twins September 17-19. And make sure to wear your Oakland A’s hat and go nuts whenever the A’s do anything. I’m guessing you will be the only person in the stands cheering for the A’s. You probably won’t have to worry about the Twins fans beating you up like the Yankees fans would if you cheered for the opponent at Yankee Stadium.

  10. Cameron says:

    Oh and Minneapolis having a higher crime rate may be true, but when I lived there a year ago I did crazy, insane things that should have gotten me mugged or killed, and I was fine.

    Also, maybe instead of flying quickly through Vancouver before going to MPLS you should just come here, then Delaware, then go up north into Canada and travel west to Vancouver over time. That way you could figure out Internet/phone stuff and make that changeover, then stick with that for a longer time period. It might be less of a headache if you just do it once now rather than a few times as you visit multiple Canadian cities. Then again, you may only be interested in Vancouver.

  11. Tommy says:

    Perfect! I love doing crazy, insane things that would normally get me mugged or killed!

    I’m leaning towards Minneapolis for the exact reason that you just mentioned. I absolutely want to see more than just one Canadian city, and I might as well prep for a Canadian tour and do them all in one trip.

    Still haven’t made an absolute decision yet, but leaning 75% towards Minneapolis.

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