Still in Portland (Part 2)

Initially, I said I’d be in Portland for 2 weeks.  That was 4 weeks ago.

Portland is amazing, and I’d stay here for a long time if there weren’t more places that I wanted to see while I’m still young.  I’ll admit that I’ve enjoyed my stay here in Portland more than my stay in SF.  However, I’ve only been in Portland for the summer, and I’ve been told this is the best time to visit Portland.

I’ll be spending this weekend in Portland, but for sure leaving to go to Seattle in the first week of August.

One thing I noticed is that everyone in SF had nothing but great things to say about Seattle.  Here in Portland, I get a lot more mixed reviews about Seattle.  A little rivalry I detect?  We will see what people in Seattle say about Portland.


2 Responses to “Still in Portland (Part 2)”

  1. Patrick says:

    How Dare you say that SF is better than Portland!!!! Nothing compares to drunken volleyball in the marina!! You’re just biased because of the whole sales tax thing. Ok, Portland I’ll admit that Portland is pretty cool. It feels like a small town, even though it’s a city at the same time. How is the biking outside the city? I kind of want to do a bike trip there along the coast, I’ve heard its amazing. Keep livin’ the dream!

  2. Tommy says:

    Portland is more relaxed, while SF was a bit overwhelming for me. I just guess I can’t hang.

    I went mountain biking with a friend in North West Portland, and it was beautiful. Wasn’t even outside city limits. You could literally ride your bike from downtown to the trails in 15 minutes. +1 for Portland.

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