What to call the RV?

After owning an RV for sometime, I have realized that there are a TON of synonyms for this vehicle.  I’d like to pick one to use consistently, instead of switching between a few common ones: Motorhome, Van, RV, Coach.

Here is a list of things people have called it:

RV – Stands for Recreational Vehicle.  Short, easy to say, and most people understand exactly what I’m talking about.

Motorhome – I like the way that it sounds, however sometimes gets confused with mobile home.

Mobilehome – A motorhome is not a mobilehome.  These words aren’t synonyms.

Rig – This is a term that RVers use, but to the common folk, it sounds like I live in some sort of jimmy-rigged van with stuff duct-taped together.

Trailer – Too close to trailer park or trailer trash.  Also, a trailer by definition trails something.  My vehicle doesn’t trail behind anything.

Van – Van down by the river.  Rape van.  Space Van.  I like that van is short and easy to say, but it scores highly on the creepiness factor, which is a bad thing.

Bus – Party bus.  Bang bus.  Implies that its some huge thing that transports people, which it is not.

Wagon – Party wagon.  Shaggin’ wagon.  Station wagon.  Wagon is such a ye olde word, and I don’t like the way it sounds either.

Coach – Motor Coach.  I like the way coach sounds, but people often don’t understand what I’m referring to.  Coach purse?

House – Tom’s house.  My pad.  Crib.  Home.  This is a powerful word, however often misunderstood.

Ship – Space Ship. I like ship better than rig, but I think space ship makes me sound like a weirdo.

Time Machine – I’ve only heard this a few times, but I don’t think that my Rialta is capable of time travel.

In conclusion, I think I am going to stick with RV.  Easy to say, easy to spell and straight to the point.

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