Fixed the Rialta Refrigerator DC Mode!

They call it a 3-way fridge because it can cool in 3 modes:

  1. 110v AC: I need to be plugged into shore power, have the generator on or be using an inverter for this mode to work.
  2. 12v DC: Used when driving, but I found that it never worked well…
  3. Propane: Somehow a flame keeps the fridge cool really efficiently??  It works so I won’t ask any questions.

I wondered why running in DC mode didn’t drain the battery or cool the fridge more than a few degrees.  I figured it was just a really weak cooling mode.  Finally I read online that I should check the fuses on the top of the fridge.  I pulled out the kitchen drawer just above the fridge, and of course, the 20 AMP fuse was blown.  Turns out someone stuck a 3 AMP fuse in there!

Osh didn’t have any 20 AMP fuses, so I got a 15 AMP one and stuck it in there.  I switched the DC on and didn’t hear or notice anything.  I came back a few hours later and the fridge was down to 20 degrees!  Success!

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