A cat helping us do the dishes of the 100+ person dinner for some green event at an organic farm here in Karlskrona, Sweden.

One of the unspoken problems in America is the obesity rate in cats.  While almost any cat can survive in the wild, the truth is that most cats in America just sit around all day eating the processed junk food their owners feed them.  This lifestyle usually leads to a rather plump  cat.  Not that it is anyone’s fault or causing any real problems in society, just an observation.

Cats in developing countries, on the other hand, are typically skinny.  They have to work much harder for less food.  Furthermore, some look diseased which usually makes them more skinny.  People don’t have the money to buy fancy cat food and take their pets into the vet.  There are a lot more stray cats which I rarely see in the US.

Which leads me to my question: why are stray cats a problem?  They are fully capable of surviving in the wild, just like squirrels, ducks, deer, kangaroos, etc.   Must we really kidnap every stray cat we see and either put it up for adoption or kill it?


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