If you have ever seen “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan”, the name of the electronics store is actually called “Going Out Of Business”.

Being on the road for so long has forced me to re-work my business model.  Previously, my plan was to acquire as many “set and forget” sites as possible, ideally creating a vast empire of sites that would generate me constant passive income.  I acquired 50 or so sites, however my flagship site still accounts for nearly 80% of my revenue.

I’ve since realized that no website is truly 100% “Set and Forget”.  Every site needs some level of attention, and I simply no longer have the capacity to babysit so many different web-properties.  I spread myself too thin, and simply don’t have the time to properly manage each site.

Furthermore, my time is much better spent on my flagship site.  I hired a guy to help me implement the Amazon product feed into my flagship site, and this project has increased site earnings about 8%.  While this 8% doesn’t seem like much, it is more than twice what I make from my 2nd most profitable site.  There is a clear advantage to leveraging my time by focusing on what is already making me the most money.

I’ve made the executive decision to reduce my inventory to one website.  Way fewer responsibilities, and only a slight decrease in pay.

I will be selling each through Flippa.  I’m flattered that several of my readers are interested in buying sites from me, but I can’t sell anything off Flippa as I could end up leaving a lot of money on the table.

Here are my current listings to give you an idea of what I’m getting rid of:

Dr-Gott.com: https://flippa.com/134142-4-Year-Old-Established-Money-Making-Zero-Work-NO-RESERVE

ClassicBodybuilders.com: https://flippa.com/134141-9-Year-Old-Established-TrafficRevenue-Zero-Hours-of-Work-NO-RESERVE

CashCreditAndLoans.com: https://flippa.com/134138-2-Year-Old-site-in-profitable-Finance-nich-needs-new-owner–NO-RESERVE

DietFoodDeliveryServices.com: https://flippa.com/133871-4-5-Year-Old-38-RevMo-NO-WORK—NO-RESERVE

HandModels.net: https://flippa.com/133838-HandModels-net-Established-Hand-Model-site—100-listings-Massive-Potential-NR

RealEstateListingReviews.com: https://flippa.com/133836-RealEstateListingReviews-com-Lots-of-Potential-in-Highly-Profitable-Niche-NR

Yes, I am starting each listing at $1 with No Reserve.  This is because I am serious about letting each site go.


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