Why Mondays are my Favorite

“Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays”

Seems like most people hate Mondays.  Especially Garfield.  But why?  It is just the name of a day of an arbitrary 7-day week.  Who decided a week would be 7 days anyway?  And who decided that there would be 2 weekend days and 5 week days?  The bible?  Ok…

Here are the reasons that I love Mondays:

  • Most website traffic is on Mondays. The best day of the week for all my websites is Monday.  The worst is Saturday.  Not sure exactly why, but I do have a few speculations.  Maybe people are back at work surfing the net?  Maybe people are bored because all their friends are at school/work?  Either way, I make more money on Monday than any other day of the week.
  • I can catch up on everything. Since everyone else is at work, I have a lot more time on Monday to get caught up on work.  I find my work to be somewhat enjoyable, and it is a great feeling to cross items off my to-do list.
  • I can recover from the weekend shenanigans. When it was Monday in Australia, it was actually still Sunday in the states.  Since most of my clients are in the States, Mondays seemed to be pretty slow.  This would give me some time to relax and recuperate from the weekend.
  • Everyone else hates Mondays. I’d hear people complain all the time that they aren’t excited about it being Monday.  Always hearing this makes my Mondays that much better in comparison.
  • Businesses are open regular hours. Need to go to the post office?  Bank?  Call customer support?  Gym? DMV?  Supermarket?  These tasks are so much easier and less congested on weekdays.
  • Less Crowded. Since most people are at work on weekdays, places of entertainment are much less crowded on Mondays.  Movies, the park, the beach, etc.

One concept that sickens me is the idea of “Hump day”, also known as Wednesday, which is the middle of the week.  Meaning you are half way to the weekend.  Seems most people go through life looking forward to the 2/7 days that we call the “weekend”, and wishing that we could skip through the other 5/7ths of days.  The majority of days are weekdays, so we might as well try and enjoy them!


3 Responses to “Why Mondays are my Favorite”

  1. Rusty Shackelford says:

    Well said! I work with people who say things like “Only one more to go” on Thursday. Its wishing your life away!

  2. Thaddy Daddy says:

    Thank God It’s Monday – NOFX
    Different reasons, but some of them are similar.

  3. This is a jerk post akin to some of our hookah bar conversations about the joys of self-employment. However, I agree with basically all your points, especially about grocery shopping — so much easier on weekdays.

    “Let me tell you what I think I really like about Mondays, cuz they feel like Saturdays…” (haven’t heard that song in years).

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