Working Out While on the Road

Going to the gym has become a mandatory activity for every day I live in an RV.  This is because it is oodles easier to shower at the the gym rather than shower in the RV.  My current gym is closed on Thanksgiving…  I don’t know what I’m going to do!

Why is showering in an RV so lame?

  1. I only have 26 gallons of fresh water.  I actually have a 16 gallon tank, and 2 5-gallon backup tanks in case I run out.  If I showered every single day in my rig, I’d need to refill water every 6 days or so.
  2. The water heater draws 1400 watts and needs to run for 10 minutes to have a warm shower.  This is a lot of electricity, especially when you have batteries and solar panels in Boston in November.  And forget taking a cold shower when it was 35 degrees out the night before.
  3. The shower is SMALL.  Need I say more?
  4. The shower curtain needs to dry or else it starts smelling like mold.

While it was initially awkward to shower at the gym, I have since became totally comfortable with it, having done it every day for the past 6 months.  I actually have had great conversations with other men in the showers.

Forcing myself to workout.

Since I plan on going to the gym every day to shower, I might as well work out while I’m there.  I feel weird going to the gym and not working out.  I feel weird not showering, so I go to the gym.

Finding gyms near me.

When I scope out my next target neighborhood, I always make sure there is a gym nearby.  Pretty much every single gym I’ve been to offers at least one week free to new members.  Sometimes this pass is good for more than 7 days as long as you don’t ask.  For example, my 7-day pass here at Bally Fitness actually lasted 10 days.  I just walk up, say I have a guest pass, and they say “Oh yea, I remember you.  C’mon in!”

When it comes time to sign up, just be straight up and tell them that you are leaving in a month.  Typically, the salesperson has much more flexibility then you’d think.


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